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  • IP54
  • MicroSD
  • USB

Advantages of the CA 1954

  • exceptional 9-hour battery life with standard Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries
    connectivity with current clamps and environmental measurement products: all the necessary measurements simultaneously (current, influencing quantities, dew point for identifying areas at risk from mould, etc.)
    voice annotations to record your comments directly on the image
    the possibility of renaming the images and thermograms by site
    recording and storage in memory of the configurations for each application

Designed and developed for simplified use, the CA 1954 is ideal for all applications in the building, electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance for:

  • thermal audits
    fault detection: thermal bridges, seepage, presence of humidity
    electrical maintenance: detection of faulty contacts, unbalance, etc.
    mechanical maintenance: detection of wear points, motor overheating, lubrication problems, etc.

It has been specially designed to be simple to use:

  • comfortable grip, with direct access to the functions with just one hand
    the CA 1954 is perfectly balanced and does not move even when stood on a table or bench
    display on a wide 2.8-inch screen with automatic brightness adjustment
    the field of view (38°x28°) is focus-free, which means that the image remains sharp whatever the distance
    contextual help guides users to limit the risk of errors
    the CA 1954 allows you to record voice comments directly on the image
    the slide-down protective lens cover is built into the instrument, so you cannot lose it and it does not get in the way.

The CA 1954 is a communicating camera which can recover the necessary measurements (current, temperature, humidity, dew point, etc.) simultaneously via Bluetooth from current clamps and environmental measurement products.

CAmReport, the software for analysing the thermograms, can be used for detailed analysis with several Tools:

  • cursors (automatic display of the temperature at the point selected)
    thermal profile (automatic display of the Min/Max/Avg temperatures of the line)
    a square or circle for area analysis
    results tables quickly and automatically display all the data/analytical tools on the thermogram
    polygons and polylines for closer analysis of certain areas in the thermogram
    emissivity table provided as standard which can be enhanced by the user
    CAmReport can also be used for automatic report generation according to various available templates. These reports can then be exported in Word or pdf format. This makes them simpler to print and archive.

Additional specifications:

  • UFPA microbolometer-type 160 x 120 detector, 8 ~14 μm
    NETD: 0.08 °C
    IFOV (spatial resolution) 4.4 mrad
    Temperature range: -20°C to +250°C
    Display modes: thermal image or real image with automatic parallax compensation. Image merging available with the PC software
    Measuring tools: 1 manual cursor + 1 automatic detection cursor + Min-Max-Avg on adjustable area + temperature profile + isotherm with recovery of dew point via Bluetooth
    Adjustable settings: emissivity, environmental temperature, distance, relative humidity
    Memory: on 2 GB micro SD card (approx. 4,000 images) - exchangeable up to 32 GB
    IP 54 ingress protection
    Weight / Dimensions: 700 g with rechargeable batteries / 225x125x83

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CA 1954 DiaCAm 2 Camera thermique 160x120

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