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CA 6165

  • MicroSD
  • RS232
  • USB
  • Capacitive colour touch screen
    Automatic test sequences
    Storage of the tests on memory card up to 32 GB
    5 kVAC/ 6 kVDC HV dielectric test, 25 A continuity, 1,000 V isolation
    Substitute direct leakage current, PE, differential leakage current
    and touch leakage current
    External and internal discharge time up to 10 s / 550 V peak
    P, Q, S, Pf, Cos φ, THDU, THDI, U and I functional test
    Inputs/outputs to pedal, indicator lamps, PC
    Compatible with TT, TN and IT networks, 230 V / 115 V

The C.A 6165 multi-function electrical equipment tester can be used to perform all the measurements needed to test the electrical safety of portable electric equipment, machines and switchboards. This makes it ideal for electrical safety testing and certification of equipment in the context of end-of-line production conformity checking, periodic inspections or maintenance.

All the measurements and tests required for this conformity checking are available:
♦ 200 mA, 4 A, 10 A and 25 A continuity
♦ TRMS leakage and load currents
♦ Voltage / Frequency
♦ Leakage current by substitute method
♦ Differential leakage current
♦ Touch leakage current
♦ Earth leakage current (PE)
♦ Functional test with consumption measurement
♦ AC and DC dielectric tests
♦ Discharge time
♦ Functional and visual inspection
♦ 50 V / 100 V / 250 V / 500 V and 1,000 V insulation resistance
♦ Power values (active, apparent & reactive) & THD

The analysis part is simplified by the PC software delivered as standard, enabling you to:
Download the test results onto a PC for archiving in a database and report generation.
Download test plans from the PC into the instrument to perform predefined tests.
Define automatic test sequences.
Print your measurement reports

CA 6165 Multitester Euro

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